Certified Local

Spotluck is a community of local restaurants and diners who value the care that goes into a unique dish. Every restaurant is vetted to meet a level of quality and genuineness that upholds the standard of the community.



adjective: belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood

  • Example: Spotluck partners with quality, local restaurants. Each spin of the wheel results in a bona fide recommendation from our team of foodies. Let them lead you to a fresh-from-the-oven lunch or a handcrafted night out. If you're looking for a big chain, you won't find them with a spin.

noun: a local person or thing, in particular

  • Example: Locals use Spotluck to find restaurants that showcase the flavor of their neighborhood and city, then enjoy juicy incentives to help make dining decisions easily and deliciously.



noun: The most intelligent of diners

  • Example: I went to visit my friend in DC. She's a Spotlucker and introduced me to a hidden gem local restaurant. The food was incredible and we managed to get dessert and an extra round of drinks with the money we saved.