Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Spotluck Available Now?

    No. Spotluck was sunset in 2019, and is no longer available.

  2. What is Spotluck?

    We are a community of local restaurants that give offers to make your dining decision easy and fun.

  3. What a Spin?

    Give that intriguing "spin" button a little poke and find out! You'll win a juicy discount to one random restaurant. Now you have a quick answer to the perpetual "where to eat?" dilemma and a nice intro to something new. You have one free spin every day in each neighborhood.

  4. What about the Spots I don’t land on?

    Don't worry! Go spin another neighborhood or just enjoy baseline savings at spots you didn't land on. Plus, you can earn points for bonus spins and other fun ways to spin.

  5. What’s up with the green hearts?

    Tap the hearts to mark your favorites. When you spin, your favorite restaurants have a better chance of making it into your spin wheel.

  6. When do my discounts expire?

    SOON! Spotluck discounts are only valid during the green time zones on each Spot's "discount timeline". Plus, your spins reset every night.

  7. What's this discount timeline thingy?

    The discount timeline shows the varying discounts throughout the day. Discounts are higher when there are more empty seats to fill. The vertical bar indicates the current time/discount.

  8. Who decides Spotluck discounts?

    Discounts are just high enough to inspire Spotluckers to visit at a given time and day. Weekday discounts are greater than weekend discounts. Discounts on rainy days are greater than discounts on sunny days. Arriving as an early bird will save you even more money. We help our restaurants benefit from long-term sustainable relationships, so they won’t be giving 50% off on a busy Saturday night.

  9. How do I get my discount?

    It's easy! Just arrive at a Spot and tap the "claim discount" button above the discount timeline. Then, before settling your bill, show your confirmation screen to the restaurant. Make sure to hit "complete" and leave a review/rating.

  10. Can I save $1,000,000?

    Yes, $50 at a time. Because large groups of diners can use their collective spins to stack the odds in their favor, we do cap savings at $50 per table. This ensures our restaurants continue to happily serve Spotluckers.

  11. Do Spotluck discounts include alcohol?

    Generally, yes! Except in some states, like VA and PA, that prohibit discounts on alcohol. Lame, we know, but we have to follow the rules.

  12. What about happy hour and in-house specials?

    Sorry, but our Spots wouldn't stay in business if they double-dipped their discounts (say that ten times).

  13. How do I earn points?

    Just be a good Spotlucker!
    SPIN = 1 POINT (max 3 per day)
    DINE = 10 POINTS
    REVIEW = up to 10 POINTS
    Plus, visit the Earn Points page for other ways to rack up the points & spins.

  14. What about bonus spins?

    You get a bonus spin every time you earn 50 points. Plus, your points help you reach new Spotlucker levels, which come with daily bonus spins. Spotluck Silver members get one daily bonus spin and Spotluck Gold members get two.

  15. What's it like to be Spotlucker Gold?

    It's awesome. Your taste buds live the life of the most interesting man in the world, while your wallet lives like a carefree Caribbean poolboy. And you sleep well knowing you’re a pillar of your neighborhood economy. But remember, you must earn 250 points every 60 days to maintain your Gold status. If you come up short, you’ll drop to Silver. You can never lose Silver status.

  16. Am I required to order food to use my discount?

    Yes. Spotluck discounts are to be used for dine-in only, and "dining" indicates you are eating something. Please order some food. If you try to "dine" on drinks, you will get weak and silly.

  17. Can I make a reservation?

    Nope, we are an on-demand restaurant service. Some of our Spots may have a wait on busy nights, but that gives you a chance to hop around the neighborhood for a drink or two.

  18. What's this "Certified Local" I see everywhere?

    Our Spots are local or locally-owned. This means they're unique to your area. Each spin results in an honest recommendation from our team of foodies. If you're looking for a big chain with a 16-page menu, you won't find them here.

  19. Where do my reviews go?

    Your "private" reviews are only shared with the restaurant. Your "public" reviews may be shared with other users. You may toggle your reviews between "public" and "private" on the Points & History page.

  20. What's up with the promo codes?

    Promo codes let us shower you with gifts. If you share the app, make sure your friend uses your personal promo code (found in “PROFILE” tab) when signing up and bonus spins will rain down on both of you. Plus, every once in a while we’ll send you special bonus savings codes to type into the SETTINGS tab of the app… make sure you’re on our email list & have push notifications turned ON or you might miss these gems.