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Get one spin per day to win a big discount at one randomly-selected local restaurant. We’ll do our best to match you with your preferences, but remember, it’s LUCK!

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A Little About Us

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It all began like a lot of start-up stories. Two guys quit their cushy corporate jobs to pursue a dream. They worked out of a basement for 6 months, convinced customers to sign up for nothing more than a grand idea, and ate way too much Ramen. But the whole time, they knew they were onto something big. And that was Spotluck...

Spotluck was launched in June 2014 with 8 restaurants and a couple hundred users in Rockville, Maryland. Today, the Spotluck platform spans major cities along the east coast with hundreds of restaurants and many thousands of Spotluckers.

The backbone behind everywhere we've traveled and everywhere we're going is an iron-clad team, incredibly supportive local restaurants and awesomely passionate users. It's somewhat of a movement - a movement towards local, spontaneity and eating when restaurants need it most. We hope you'll join us.