We're not hiring ...

But don't let that stop you.

Spotluck is driven by four core teams – Sales, Marketing, Product and Strategy. Many of us wear multiple hats and span across these teams in terms of our skills and passion. You might be a fit for one or all of these teams. We’re seeking thinkers that can come up with creative ideas, sell people on them, have the energy and passion to make them a reality, and are always up for the next challenge.

The Perfect Teammate is…
  • Vision-oriented and knows how to communicate it convincingly.

  • Loves collaborating and working with awesome people.

  • Self-motivated and can take multiple bulls by the horns.

  • Works hard - period.

If this is you and you believe we would be insane not to hire you, then please apply (you’ll just have to convince us)! Send your resume and quick cover email to careers@spotluck.com.